Day 1 - Intention

Intentions are touchstones, a place for you to return to for guidance and clarity. In Day 1 of Journey to Yoga you establish a clear intention to carry you through the next 10 days. This opening vinyasa flow class is a steady, sweet practice to create a foundation on which you will build for the coming days and evolving core values.

Day 2 - Growth

Growth can be uncomfortable and challenging but growing pains are a clear sign that transformation is underway. In Day 2 join Lauren as you pick up the strength and begin to build resiliency, focus and determination on the path toward expansion. This strength centered practice will consciously push you and be a stepping stone toward transformation.

Day 3 - Devotion

Devotion comes in many forms. You might be devoted to family, nature, spirituality or helping others. What turns you on and lights you up? In this heart-opening, back-bending practice explore the potential of your heart and the possibility of living a life that is fully devoted. Once you open your heart on your mat, you’ll practice opening your heart throughout your life.

Day 4 - Self-Care

In a culture that promotes “harder is better” and “no rest for the wicked,” today you practice breaking down outdated norms and enact the core value of self-care with a Gentle & Yin Yoga practice. After 3 days of strong flow, it’s time to turn inward. If your cup is always empty, you will be unable to help others. Today’s gentle practice is a key component to wellbeing and health as you remember the value in taking care of yourself.

Day 5 - Stability

When a building is stable it can withstand the test of time, inclement weather and the unexpected rumblings of the earth. When you are stable you remain centered, peaceful and content in the face of challenges, transitions and the many unforeseen twists and turns of life. This balance focused practice will test your physical center as a pathway for building equanimity in your life.

Day 6 - Integrity

Integrity is defined as being whole and undivided. In this twisting themed practice you’ll implement specific physical alignment as a tool for practicing integrity in your body, mind and life. When you practice twisting with integrity, you practice honestly. To know integrity in your body is a step toward embodying integrity with your entire life.

Day 7 - Creativity

When you’re in a state of flow, time moves seamlessly. Flow state is a creative state that anyone can enter regardless of artistic capabilities. You might enter the stream of flow while working on a project you love, moving through a dynamic workout, or engaging in a powerful dialogue with someone. Your creativity is unique to you and this inspiring, dynamic, playful flow will evoke your personal creative nature.

Day 8 - Compassion

How do you treat yourself in the face of pain, failure or suffering? Often we are much harder on ourselves than we would be on a friend or loved one. Today’s Restorative Yoga practice will help you cultivate a state of deep, inner friendliness. Compassion is a key to self-realization, survival, and connection with others. As you practice compassion inwardly you are better able to care for the suffering of others outwardly. This core value is the cornerstone to a whole, happy, connected life. For this practice you’ll need 1 yoga bolster or a stack of folded blankets and 1 yoga block.

Day 9 - Gratitude

Gratitude is a medicinal emotion that leads to radical shifts in your energy field, relationships and across the planet. This vinyasa flow class dives into the practice of giving thanks to invoke new learning, guiding you to perceive challenges as opportunities rather than setbacks. With gratitude in your heart you can transform any moment. This class introduces a climactic, life-changing core value that will stay with you forever.

Day 10 - Connection

Connection occurs at the space of the heart. When you feel connected to yourself, you experience harmony, joy, understanding and peace. To be connected is to feel seen, heard and felt from the inside out. As you learned through these 10 days, the journey begins within and connection begins with you. With this final class, the ultimate core value of connection compels you to move your practice off your mat and share it with the world.

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